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Litigation Readiness Strategy & Preparation

The high cost of e-discovery has tipped the balance of negotiating power in commercial litigation.  The advantage goes to the party best prepared for the rigors of e-discovery

E-discovery Claims Managagement

In commercial litigation, discovery costs now account for the lion's share of legal fee expenditures. Effective e-discovery management is critical to the success of insurance underwriting and claims processes.

Dedicated Discovery Liaison Services

A dedicated IT expert that can articulate technical capabilities to outside counsel, opposing parties, and judges is an essential tactical resource and a significant cost saver to organizations facing high risk or recurring e-discovery.

Legacy Media Retention & Disposition

One of the greatest risks that e-discovery poses to organizations comes from the stores of backup tape and other legacy media gathering dust in warehouses, closets and desk drawers.

Expert Services

Even tech savvy judges are not likely to have sufficient understanding of a litigant’s information systems to rule on a party’s particular e-discovery issues. Counsel must educate the judge with cogent, high-quality testimony and declarations.

Discovery Dispute Mediation

The complexities and costs associated with e-discovery can lead to disputes.  Esicon's trained mediators help parties to reach concensus in mediation and arbitration

Project Management

E-discovery is an increasingly complex, costly and time-consuming endeavor. Effective discovery planning and management are a mustfor litigation teams that want to stay ahead of theri opponents and keep costs down.

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